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Clients / Potential Clients,

First of all, the health and wellbeing of our band members, clients, patrons and the citizens of New Orleans and state of Louisiana remain our primary focus during the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Therefore, it is very important that the Kinfolk Brass Band comply with the mandates and bans of our state and local government to minimize the spread of COVID-19 to its citizens and visitors. While COVID-19 has not impacted the services of the Kinfolk Brass Band at this time, we want to use all necessary precautions during the upcoming events to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Kinfolk Brass Band will comply with current bans by Governor John Bel Edwards and Mayor LaToya Cantrell on public gatherings of 250 people or more, as such large gatherings are a public health risk as we try to slow the spread of COVID-19.

As Kinfolk stays in tune with updates from the Mayor of the City of New Orleans regarding second lines and the assembly of large groups, we have a few options for clients with existing engagements and those wishing to engage us.

Option 1: Proceed with A Previously Scheduled Event as Planned

We are still committed to making your event as special as we can. We can bring the traditional 20-30 minutes second line to your starting or ending venue to culminate your celebration, provided the gathering does not exceed 10 people.

Option 2: Reschedule A Previously Scheduled Event

If you wish to move your event to a later date Kinfolk will do our best to accommodate your new date. Based on availability, we can reschedule your date and time and apply the deposit to the new date, as a credit. This credit will be valid through March 31, 2021.

Option 3: Cancel A Scheduled Event

If you wish to cancel our services, please contact us within the next two weeks to notify us of the cancellation. We will review the terms and conditions of your contract and provide you with an update on amounts previously paid that are refundable due to the cancellation.

Our Cancellation Policy: Cancellation within 72 hours of event will be charged 50% of services, and cancellations made prior to the 72 hours deadline will result in the loss of the 20% deposit, plus the non-refundable portion of parade services.

Please Note: Parade refunds are not fully refundable due to nonrefundable prepayments made to the City of New Orleans.

Option 4: Schedule A Future Event

To schedule a future event with Kinfolk contact our office or band leaders.  We will try to accommodate your date and time

In this time of uncertainty, were happy to answer any questions, and we are looking forward to being a part of your celebration!

Be Safe,

Kinfolk Brass Band


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