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Wedding “Second Line” Parades

The Second Line has a deep, rich history in New Orleans.  When performed during weddings, it signifies the beginning of a new life for the bride and groom.

A Second Line has two parts. The “First line” is usually the band or  the ones being honored. The bride and groom, as well as the band would  be the “first line” at a Second Line for a wedding. The newly married  couple leads the way, usually holding decorated umbrellas or parasols.  The guests and anyone else who joins in the celebration are referred to  as the “second line”. They form a line behind the band and couple,  dancing and strutting to the lively music with handkerchiefs or cocktail napkins.

If a couple is celebrating their wedding in New Orleans, it is safe to  assume that they will have some form of a Second Line during their  wedding. Whether it’s dancing around the venue, or parading around the  streets of New Orleans, Second Lines and New Orleans weddings are  synonymous. Excellent party favors would be to get all of your guests  handkerchiefs personalized with your names and wedding date, so that  everyone can join in on the festivities. Special hand painted umbrellas  or parasols for the bridesmaids would be another great idea to consider. For the groomsmen, hand painted canes would be perfect so that they can strut along to the beat. It is up to the bride and groom to decide how  elaborate they want their second line to be. Many couples hire brass  bands to come to the venue and play traditional favorites and popular  New Orleans music as they lead the wedding party and guests around the  venue.

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