Hey, We Do Second-lines & Wedding Parades!


Kinfolk Brass Band was founded by brothers Percy and Richard Anderson in 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Playing a style of music that encompasses and melds  Mardi Gras Indian chants, New Orleans funk, modern jazz, and traditional brass band sounds, Kinfolk Brass Band is at the forefront of the New Orleans Brass Band renaissance. Touring Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and France, the band has performed world wide at festivals, weddings, jazz funerals and large corporate events. Booked in venues ranging from intimate clubs  to grand ballrooms, and  leading second-line parades for hundreds of special celebrations, Kinfolk Brass Band’s music has been enjoyed by millions of people all around the globe.

In 2009, Kinfolk Brass Band successfully released their debut album, entitled “Bourbon Street Parade.”  During the past year alone, the band has performed in over 100 weddings and conventions, making Kinfolk Brass Band  the most requested brass band in the City of New Orleans. Most recently, they have  performed at prestigious events such the the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the BCS Allstate Sugar Bowl, and the 2012 Olympics in London. Kinfolk Brass Band personifies the unique musical sounds of the City of New Orleans. Whether performing on a large stage or in a small cozy setting, Kinfolk Brass Band provides the highest quality of entertainment with their animated style and energy. They are sure to be the highlight of any event!

Percy Anderson, born and reared in New Orleans, is the co-founder/director of Kinfolk Brass Band. He first started playing music in his Junior High School’s marching band, under the direction of the late Donald Richardson. In 9th grade he was introduced to the sounds of jazz  by an assistant band director who was also a member of De’jean Olympia Brass Band. Thus, a seed was planted, and it grew in his desire to play music professionally. Since 1993, he has performed successfully with a myriad of musicians and bands in New Orleans. In founding Kinfolk Brass Band with his brother, Richard, they created the opportunity to showcase their unique style of brass band music. He is an accomplished trumpet and saxophone player and shines in his vocals duties with the band.

Richard Anderson, also born and reared in New Orleans, co-founded and co-directs Kinfolk Brass Band with his brother, Percy. Like his brother, he first started playing music in his Jr. High School marching band. His exposure to traditional and modern jazz while still in school, greatly influenced his decision to further his musical studies by attending Southern University & AM in Baton Rouge. He received his Bachelor Degree in Music under the direction of Alvin Batiste, an iconic figure in the history of New Orleans’ musical evolution. Honing his professional musical skills playing with many of the top bands in the city, he and his brother, Percy, decided to gather a group of players together to perform their unique take on the sounds of New Orleans brass band music. The result of that effort was Kinfolk Brass Band. Now in their tenth year, the band has a polished, professional organization that can fulfill any client’s desires for musical entertainment.nRichard is quite the entertainer and a real crowd pleaser. He engages and encourages his audience to maximum participation in the fun!





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