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We are proud to announce that Kinfolk Brass Band has been rated by brides and grooms and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2015, 2016 and 2017 plus Best Brass Band for Barrowed & Blue, WeddingWire.com top Wedding sites for band around the country.

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If you want to have a wedding that your guests will be RAVING continuously about for weeks-on-end, HIRE THESE GUYS!!! Even if you’re on a tight budget…spend a few dollars less on your dress, your cake, your venue, and WHATEVER ELSE to…HIRE THESE GUYS!!! If I could give Kinfolk Brass Band TWENTY stars, I would! So DON’T BE FOOLED by the conservative-looking videos on their website, which make it look like they calmly play along while a dainty Southern damsel twirls her parasol down the street. THESE FELLOWS CAN REALLY GET DOWN!!! I’m a native New Orleanian who has lived out-of-state for many years, and ALL of my guests–those from my hometown as well as those who hail from various other parts of the country–were completely IN AWE of the way that Kinfolk Brass Band transformed our (already fun) wedding into something you only see IN MOVIES about New Orleans! If The Knot allowed reviewers to post videos, I would show you ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED to convince you to HIRE THESE GUYS!!! So stop fretting over those outrageously expensive flowers that NONE of your guests will REALLY care about , and HIRE THESE GUYS!!! Then, as we say in New Orleans, “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” [Let the good times roll!] 7/14/2017 Erica L

This was THE HIGHLIGHT of the party! everyone loved the second line and the band was unbelievable!!! amazing experience. 11/27/2017 Cristina S

Kinfolk played at our wedding a month ago and they were absolutely AMAZING – they really added a perfect NOLA touch and created an ambiance which put the guests in a party mood. Couldn’t recommend them more! 11/25/2017 Anna H

Best decision! These guys were amazing and gave great energy to our second line! 11/16/2017 Elizabeth M

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! It’s been almost a month since our wedding and our guests are still talking about how awesome Kinfolk was!!!! Thank you!!!!  10/20/2017 Tiffany G

“Thank you so much for being so amazing at our wedding. You brought the party and gave us and our guests such an extraordinary experience! Your energy was contagious, your music was awesome, and we had the best time of our lives! Thank you!” – Claire and Jeff, Latrobe’s wedding and reception, April 3, 2015

“I highly recommend the Kinfolk Brass Band, Grand Marshal and Amanda for any booking. They met every expectation, were well-dressed, on-time, priced very reasonably, and were completely entertaining. Their personal touches created a totally memorable birthday event! As an Event Planner, I count on this kind of perfection for all my clients. I can’t thank the Kinfolk team enough for such a wonderful and successful experience they provided for my client!” – Patty Lee St. Martin, November 2014

“Thank you for all your hard work at the wedding! We loved the band and the second-line/bus ride was one of the most memorable moments. We wouldn’t have gotten to our destination without the NOPD escorts making the path clear through all the Mardi Gras traffic. Thanks Amanda for coordinating everything so beautifully!” – Margaret Couvillon, February 2015

“We cannot recommend this band highly enough. As a same sex couple, we were nervous about any of our vendors saying they wouldn’t work with us, but the Kinfolk Brass Band were so nice and accommodating. We had looked at other bands, but what really sold us on this band was that as part of their fee they took care of all the parade permits necessary for New Orleans. We didn’t have to do anything, which was a huge relief. Once they saw we were done with the wedding, Amanda approached me, and let me know they were ready when ever we were. We left Jackson Square and were serenaded by them for 6 blocks. All our guests were raving about how much fun the parade was, and all the on lookers congratulated us along the way.” – Jason Minter, March 15, 2015

I cannot say enough about how amazing the Kinfolk Brass Band is! Having a second line parade at my wedding is something I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl. Kinfolk is a wonderful group of really talented musicians. Very few of our guests had ever been to New Orleans before and most have never been part of a second line, and I have heard from everyone in attendance that it was their most favorite part of the night! I of course would have to agree with them! I had so much fun dancing through the streets of New Orleans and had to give each member of the band a hug when we finished. They made my wedding something that everyone in attendance will be talking about for years! And I have to say a special thank you to Amanda, for coordinating everything with Kinfolk. Without her, we would have been lost! She was always quick to respond to a question and was willing to help us with whatever we needed. Not only that, but she mapped the route and secured all of the permits for us. She definitely made the experience simple and delightful! I’m ready for another second line! 3/20/2016 Rachel H.

“Amanda and Kinfolk were INCREDIBLE!  We had a destination wedding and most of our guests had no idea what a second line even was and we had it set up as a surprise from the JW Marriott through the quarter to Muriel’s at Jackson Square.  Amanda helped us plan the whole route and police escort so the kids in our wedding party didn’t see anything they shouldn’t.  The band was awesome!!  Our guests were blown away!  Some of our guests saw other second lines over the long weekend and everyone said ours was the best. To this day when I talk to people about the wedding they all talk about our second line THANK YOU SO MUCH!  To be honest we were a little nervous coming in from out of town and checked up with some other companies and some local friends…Kinfolk was by far and away the best and reasonable with price and police escort. I cant say enough good things…hire them!!” – Patrick Gillis, February 21, 2015

“Just wanted to say how incredible the band and the second-line were. They really made the wedding and everyone has been talking about them all week. Thanks to you and them for such an incredible time. Planning on doing it again for our five year anniversary party; hope they’re still available when the time comes.” – David Clayman, March 7, 2015

I want to give this band and Amanda 100 stars not just 5! I knew I wanted a second line but I didn’t know just how magical it would be to us and every single wedding guest. This band single handed- ly turned our wedding into the most raved about event now and I’m guessing for years to come (people are still gushing about it almost a month later). It was the most amazing part of the night, and to think we almost scratched the idea when the wedding planning got to be too much work. That’s where Amanda steps in. For an extra fee (beyond worth it!) Amanda will get the permits, plan the route, hire the police escorts, and make you feel at ease and well taken care of. We did our second line after the ceremony and reception at 11:30 at night, because our vows and party were held at the same place in the Garden District, and not really marching/dancing distance to the action filled French Quarter. And we’re so glad Amanda worked it out that way because our guests were already in great spirits at that point, and the ones that missed it are still kicking themselves after hearing about it and seeing video clips. We were told you could feel the love, joy, and magic in the air and it was unlike anything ever experienced. It was all thanks to this incredibly talented band (and most of our wedding guests are musicians including my husband and the best man)! Not only did they sound better than any brass band we heard (saw 4 second lines that week, Kinfolk is hands down the best), they were vibrant, on point, and dressed to a T. Imagine how much better your photos and videos will be. I mean c’mon… our police escorts Amanda hired were even on Harleys! We had more fun dancing in the parade then we had at the wedding! I can’t say enough about how much of a difference hiring this band made the best night of our lives! The other second lines we saw that week seemed dull and lifeless; the bride and groom were the only ones enjoying it. I can honestly say everyone loooved ours (including strangers that joined in!), didn’t want it to end, and are currently planning how we all can do it again every couple years. Reading other’s reviews again after having that experience I can fully feel the enthusiam and utter appreciation coming off the screen. Do yourself a favor: book Kinfolk; and spring for Amanda. You will have an unforgettable experience. 11/15/2016 Keira L


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